Paradox of 25!

Happy 25th Paradox to me!

My birthdays are always paradox to me.I don’t feel like celebrating lipofuscin getting accumulated in my cells.Looking back,I see myself as innocent,shattered,funny,loner, caregiver,trustworthy,fitness freak.

I wanna share few things I learnt and experienced in this paradox of 25.

  • Being a Loner is like sailing in wrecked ship on rough sea.Wrecked ship is my own life and rough sea is the society around me.Most of the people have everything but not empathy.I’ve come to a point now that I don’t even expect it.
  • Few people will bully me for the way Iam.It’s okay,I’m so mentally strong to cope up with it.
  • All that situations which exist presently,no matter how huge they seem,will just be a speck of your life in near future.
  • Family is family no matter what.I don’t like few of them but as I said family is family,I cannot afford to break the bond.
  • This world’s gonna make your life 10times worse if you’re poor.So work hard and get rich asap.
  • Learning to say NO to others without hurting myself is still a ongoing lesson for me.I’ll learn it one fine day.
  • Early in my school days I really didn’t know that education is only a part of life.Had I known,I would cut short the stress I went through.
  • It only takes one decision to change the entire life.One decision away if you wanna experience new Wonderland.
  • Never ever hold onto something which you can’t manage by yourself.Leave it and free yourself.
  • I’m not into proving myself to others,I’ve never been and I’ll never be.
  • I only do what my mind says.In no way,others can convince me to do what my mind contradicts with.
  • I learn from everyone and literally everything I come across.

I wasn’t the same me before this paradox of 25.I was just a cluster of cells in my Mother’s womb,we all were!!😊.

Take care.




Why is it so hard to talk to people?

Why can’t I mingle with others so easily?

Why do I love being alone?

Why is it difficult to be normal?

Why can’t I be social?

Deep down I know that even if I find answers to these,nothing changes.I’ll be ME at the end.


I’m the biggest loner I ever met!

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome(OSAS)

This one post is purely in and out regarding Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome(OSAS).I decided to write about this so that you’ll be aware of it’s life threatening complications which can actually be avoided.So now you might be wondering what is this Apnea issue and all,don’t worry I’ll make you understand by the end of this blog.

Apnea as such is cessation of breathing for more than or equal to 10seconds.Hypopnoea is reduction in breathing with 50% or more reduction in amplitude of ventilation or oxygen desaturation by more than or equal to 4% lasting for more than or equal to 10seconds.

The risk factors for OSAS include:

1.males are at more risk

2.Obesity:centripetal obesity

03.Supine sleep position


5.alcohol menopausal state

7.Age more than 40years

The cardinal symptoms of OSAS are signs of sleep deprivation like snoring and day time symptoms like decreased concentration,cognitive defects,early morning headache,dry throat,excess daytime sleep.Not every person who snores has OSAS,check out for day time symptoms too.

Associated conditions with OSAS are GERD,hypertension,sexual dysfunction,depression.

People at OSAS are at high risk of Sudden Cardiac Death.Becos of vagal stimulation,there will be bradycardia.This bradycardia and hypoxia will lead to cardiac rhythm disturbances like premature beats,asystole,ventricular tachycardia,cardiac arrest.There’s nothing to do once anyone dies of sudden cardiac death.

What I’m more worried is about it’s complications like metabolic syndrome, stroke, congestive cardiac failure,systemic hypertension,pulmonary hypertension,attention,memory and cognitive dysfunction.

We usually diagnose this by Epworth Sleepiness Scale(ESS) and investigation of choice is polysomnography.

There are two types….central sleep apnea with no respiratory effort and obstructive sleep apnea where respiratory effort is preserved.

Treatment include CPAP(Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)

Please check out if you have any modifiable risk factors,block them before this thing even starts.If you have habit of snoring and daytime symptoms as mentioned in this blog,go and consult a Doctor specialized in Sleep disorders like Primary Care Physician or Pulmonologist who could help you.Have a healthy diet,do some regular exercise just do it!Exercise actually works like natural beta blocker,I’ll write a detailed blog about exercise sometime later.Take care of yourself so that you spend healthy life with your loved ones.Stay safe!Lemme know if you have any doubts further.

I consider my job is to save people,if not at least help!

My Dear Nanna❤

My Dear Nanna,

I’m ever grateful to you and Amma for all that you’ve given me.I don’t wanna blend all your love,care into one word “thanks” and get away with it.For the matter of fact,I can’t blend it into one post!Every second I breathe,I owe it to you both.Today is Father’s Day,I know this isn’t the only day where I need to show my special appreciation to my Dad,I need to do and I wanna do this all my life.I felt like writing this blog on him and here I’m doing it.

My Dad’s name is Anand Kumar.He did Mechanical Engineering.He is a good Son,a good Brother,a good Husband,a good Father and last but not least a good friend of mine.He has always been with me in all my good and bad days alike.He nurtured me with his kind affection.He doesn’t even sleep for a second if I have fever🙂.Now that I’m a Doctor I thought he will give up on this but nah he is still the same😄.He never doubted my abilities,he believes in me.He never ever compared me with others.In a world where daughters feel afraid to speak about their personal life with parents,I speak my heart out infront of them!I learnt that blood doesn’t make a family but love does!The bestest part is that they gave me space to be myself and at the same time taught me not to misuse it.We used to set alarm,get up in the middle of night to watch FIFA.I watch a lot of sci-fi,I learnt from him😛.I wanna take care of my parents the same way they did when I was a child.I wanna end this post with this simple yet beautiful quote,”I love you Nanna and Amma”.(These words Amma,Nanna are for Mother,Father in Telugu respectively)

Happy Father’s Day Nanna❤.

Change is inevitable!

Every person you meet may not be the same person whom he or she once was.In this short span of life,many things do happen which changes our perspective.So please be gentle when you handle others for you do not know if they are as fragile as glass.Let terror,beauty and everything in all it’s forms happen to you,change you but DO NOT STOP.


Let it go,be a free soul and don’t forget to smile!!

You are free to do all the things you like.Just make sure that you have a good control over them,rather than their consequences owning you.At any second you can let those moments bothering you go away,be a free soul,let them go away!Speak out if you want to,do remember that you aren’t alone and that you are loved.






Cardiology-My True Passion.

Origin of this passion for my dearest Cardiology dates back to my childhood days.I was told by my Science teacher that the human heart is of one’s own fist size.I barely remember in which class exactly I was at that time,I guess 5th or 6th maybe.This fact always wondered me, it sort of fascinated me so deeply that I used to give it a thought many times.I wanted to become Cardiologist from the beginning,I never said that I wanted to become a Doctor when people asked me,I replied them saying “I want to be a Cardiologist”.Few years later I came to know that my Uncle has some cardiac disease,little did I know about it in those school days.My urge to chase my passion grew stronger with this,it grows everyday and it won’t stop till I reach it.When I got my MBBS seat,I thought that there’s one more entrance exam to clear and then I’ll reach my goal.But I was totally wrong.There are two more entrance exams to be cleared.I have to get MD before I get my DM Cardio seat,I came to know that it’s a long way to go when my Aunt told me in my first year.No matter what,I’m not gonna leave my passion.I know uncertainty does exists everywhere but I’ll hold this passion.NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON SOMETHING WITHOUT WHICH YOU CAN’T IMAGINE A DAY!!I’m the person who fights for the things I love till I die and Cardiology,I do love you❤.

ImPERFECTion is reality.

Whenever we face any difficulties,we all have that “preformed perfect version” of ourselves synapsing through our neurons that we imply to face it with.It’s just an illusion dear!Things may rotten at the end if we don’t realize.The very first step of becoming perfect is to accept the mere fact that we are imperfect.ACCEPT yourself,listen to yourself,hold yourself,believe in yourself,try hard to face and overcome whatsoever the situation may be in your lives.

Methods of decontamination of N95 masks.

The three recommended methods for decontamination of N95 mask are as follows:

1.Vaporised hydrogen peroxide(this is the quickest method,it takes about 10min)

2.Dry Heat(70 degree celsius)

03.UV radiation(260-285nm)

NOTE:Masks decontaminated by vaporised hydrogen peroxide and UV radiation can be used upto 3times whereas those decontaminated by dry heat upto 2times.

Please stay home,stay safe.🙏